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25 Cheap Smart Home Devices Under $50 To Resell

By Artyom K.

cheap smart home devices

When speaking about cheap smart home devices, let’s remember that most of us once watched movies in which rich people had different gadgets that operated their houses. It’s all about devices that automatically turn on/off the lights, open/close the gate, etc. You definitely remember them, don’t you?

Only a few years ago, many people dreamed of such things. Fortunately, nowadays these innovations are more than just widely available. In fact, they don’t even cost much.

And as a dropshipping store owner, you have an opportunity to provide your customers with such cheap smart home devices and make their lives a lot more interesting and convenient! Meanwhile, it’s a chance for you to build your own hi-tech empire.

Well, are you interested already? So, let’s consider the best cheap smart home devices for your online store!

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How we choose the most promising cheap smart home devices for you

Well, we have conducted a study to make the best cheap smart home device list for you and your dropshipping store. In fact, there are far more such smart gadgets for home on the market. However, some of them were not included in our list because of their uselessness, high costs, etc. But first things first.

So, what do we use when compiling a list of products?

  • Firstly, we use AliExpress to look at what products of a particular category we can buy there. In fact, AliExpress is a perfect instrument for this because there are millions of products for all tastes. We are just to choose a subcategory and look through the list of items it provides us with.
  • Secondly, when we have already found suitable products on AliExpress, we appeal to Google Trends. This tool lets us evaluate the popularity of a particular search request. This way, we have an opportunity to understand whether this product has a high potential to be added to your dropshipping store.

And now, sit back nicely because here comes our compilation of 25 cheap smart home devices for you!

Cheap smart home devices list: 25 items to make a perfect online store and gain profit

Smart plug

cheap Smart plug

Sometimes we need to turn on/off several electrical appliances at a certain time. However, we are not always able to do it ourselves. In such cases, this plug can help you!

This small but very useful device can let you manage the connected things by means of your smartphone. You have an opportunity to set schedules, enable and disable the devices by means of voice commands, and so on.

Let’s go to Google Trends and see whether this plug suits your dropshipping store perfectly.

how popular smart plug is

As we can see, the popularity of ‘smart plug’ search request has grown several times over the past three years. That’s why we think there is no doubt about adding this product to your online store!

Smart wall switch

cheap Smart wall switch

Time is coming, and more and more people prefer smart wall switches to regular ones when finishing their houses and apartments. Actually, if you manage to provide your potential customers with smart wall switches at a low price, it will be extremely difficult to miss such an offer!

Indeed, they will be able to turn the light on and off almost from anywhere! What is more, if some of them are afraid to forget to turn the light off when leaving their homes, they will easily check it by means of the app on their smartphones. BTW, such a switcher works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

smart wall switch in google trends

Moreover, Google Trends admits that smart wall watches are gaining momentum nowadays. So why not include them in your range of products?

Smart bed lamp

cheap smart bed lamp to dropship

The next product is for those who love home feel and things like that. Here is a smart bed lamp! By means of your phone you can set schedules, turn the light on and off remotely, leave a night light, etc. Voice control is also available.

smart bed lamp in google trends

According to Google Trends, the demand for smart bedside lamps has been growing steadily. That’s why this very product can become a fine addition to your online store product list!

Smart curtain

cheap smart curtain for home

Most of us love travelling. However, when going on a trip, the majority of people worry about their homes. That’s why, this is high time for you to offer them smart curtains!

So they will have an opportunity to open/close their curtains from any place! They can even do this using a voice control. But is this device popular enough on the Internet?

smart curtain in google trends

If you look at what Google Trends thinks of smart curtain, you will find that the popularity of ‘smart curtain’ search request is growing steadily. Well, what else do you need as a dropshipping store owner?

Smart door sensor

cheap Smart home door sensor to sell

Now if you need to be informed when somebody enters your apartment, here is a smart door sensor! You need to install it on your door or window and you will have an opportunity to monitor their status when you’re out! This door sensor is compatible with other smart home device, but it can’t enable or disable them.

Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? So let’s appeal to Google Trends.

smart door sensor in google trends

If you have any doubts on this sensor popularity, you will be pleasantly surprised. This device is really popular and definitely deserves to join the list of products in your online store!

Smart water sensor

Smart water sensor for home

Are you afraid of leaving your faucet on all weekend? Do your neighbours often flood your flat? If it’s all about you, this smart water sensor is what you need!

It will inform you if there is a water leakage in your apartment. So you will have a chance to prevent the incident and save your home!

wifi water sensor in google trends

What is more important for you as an online store owner, the popularity of this device on the Internet has been going up during the past several years. That’s why it’s well-suited to your dropshipping store!

Smart motion sensor

Smart motion sensor for home

In fact, a motion sensor is not a novelty. However, some ten years ago, such sensors were only able to turn the light on and off. Now smart motion sensors can be connected to the alarm system, you will be notified if a stranger enters your apartment. So, this is really useful, but let’s check if this device is in demand on the Internet.

smart motion sensor in google trends

According to Google Trends, some 3-4 years ago the popularity of ‘smart motion sensor’ began to grow. And nowadays the interest to this kind of smart home devices is enough to think of adding this product to your product range.

Smart temperature sensor

smart temperature sensor

To date, many people want to create the perfect environment in their homes. And it’s not only about temperature. That’s why, here is a smart temperature and humidity sensor!

It can not only display the data on its own screen, but also transmit the information to your smart home hub and notify you if something went wrong with temperature or humidity. By the way, it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

wifi temperature sensor in Google trends

If you have any doubts on whether to add this device to your product range, look at what Google Trends can tell us. Over the past 5 years the demand for smart temperature sensors has been risen almost thrice. So, would you miss a chance to add such a popular product to your online store product list?

Smart IP camera

Smart IP camera to sell

Is it great when you have an opportunity to monitor what’s happening at home when you’re out? Yes, it is! And nowadays you don’t need to pay a fortune for this.

Just look at these smart IP cameras which let watch your house from any place. By the way, such a security camera also has a smoke detector.

Google trends: smart ip camera

As we see, the popularity of smart IP cameras has grown significantly over the past 5 years. And now it seems to be a perfect product for an online high-tech store!

Smart door lock

smart home door lock

Sometimes we need to open the door remotely. For example, when you wait for guests or someone else, but you’re not at home at the moment. In this situation, a smart door lock will help you!

This is actually great, but is it in strong demand? Let’s appeal to Google Trends.

smart doorlock in google trends

This is clear that nowadays smart door locks are extremely popular. So why not to add this item to your online store?

Smart heater

smart heater

It’s very important to maintain a comfortable temperature at home. However in most cases a heater needs a lot of time to warm the room up. That’s why here is a smart heater!

Don’t miss a chance to manage your heater remotely. Turn it on when you’re going home, and by the time you arrive your flat will be warm already.

wi-fi heater in google trends

As a dropshipping store owner, you may think that this product is going to be extremely expensive, and not many people will purchase it. However, according to Google Trends, more and more people are looking for smart heaters on the Internet. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Smart kettle

smart kettle to sell

Nowadays devices with remote control are trending. Look at this smart kettle. Do you know how it differs from the regular ones?

You can program it, so that it will start boiling water when a motion sensor notify it about your coming home. And that’s just one of possible scenarios.

smart kettle in google trends

Now let’s look at what Google Trends can tell us about this product. Well, we can see that despite relatively high prices, smart kettles are in a strong demand on the Internet. So, is it worth adding to our product list?

Wi-Fi router

smart wi-fi router

A Wi-Fi router is not a novelty anymore. But still, your smart home system won’t work right if you don’t have a suitable router. And since they do not cost a lot, you may also provide your clients with a high-quality router.

smart wi-fi router in google trends

As we can see, lots of people still purchase routers online. That’s why, this product suits an online store with smart home products perfectly.

Smart speaker

smart speaker

It may seem to you that this is a simple wireless speaker which we purchase to play music. In fact, that’s right. But such speaker is an integral part of smart home system. It will be connected to smart home hub, and it’s going to notify you if something unplanned happened.

Google trends: smart speaker

Since the popularity of smart home systems is going up steadily, smart speakers are also in a strong demand. That’s why it would be great if you add them to your online store, and people will be able to purchase all necessary components of smart home system.

Smart LED lamps

smart led lamps

If you want to make you life a bit brighter, pay attention to smart LED lamps. They are not only app controlled, but also give you an opportunity to change the glow color.

smart wifi led bulbs in Google trends

And since such smart lights don’t cost much, they’re popular enough to think of adding this item to the product list of your online store.

Smart doorbell camera

smart doorbell camera

If you want to know exactly what’s going on at your door, here is a smart doorbell camera for you. You will have an opportunity to watch a video from it at any moment using your smartphone!

smart doorbell in Google trends

What’s more, in accordance with Google Trends, the popularity of such cameras is going up rapidly! So, will you lose a chance to have such a well-liked product in your store?

Smart tracker

cheap home devices: Smart tracker

The next product in our compilation is extremely cheap. We are talking about a smart tracker. This you attach this tracker to any thing which you always lose at home. And then, you will easily find it using your smartphone!

smart tracker in google trends

What’s more, Google Trends believes that smart trackers are in demand nowadays. Well, that’s reasonable. It costs only $1-2!

Smart power strip

Smart power strip

The next product we’re going to talk about is a smart power strip. Actually, it’s almost the same as smart plug. You also can turn it on and off remotely from any place with an Internet connection.

google trends: wi-fi power strip

If we go to Google Trends, we will see that over the past several years the popularity of smart power strips has grown significantly. That’s why it will be a great idea to offer your customers such a useful smart home device!

Smart robot vacuum cleaner

Smart robot vacuum cleaner

To date, nobody is surprised when hearing about a robot vacuum cleaner. However, they cost a lot in offline stores. That’s why many people are trying to find them on the Internet.

robot cleaner in google trends

Google Trends can only confirm this fact. Over the last ten years, the popularity of ‘robot cleaner’ search request has tripled. Isn’t that a good reason to add it to your product range?

Smart precision cooker

Smart precision cooker

Sometime ago, a slow cooker was trending. However, technologies have moved on, and nowadays sous vide precision cookers are gaining ground! This device is smaller and more convenient in use if comparing with a slow cooker. The price is not very low, but it’s designed to save your time and efforts.

sous vide precision cooker in google trends

If you still have doubts about whether to sell this kind of a precision cooker in your online store, just look at what Google trends can tell us about it. So you can see that sous vide precision cookers are becoming more and more popular, and with perilous speed!

Smart alarm lock

smart alarm clock to sell

Do you want to manage your clock and weather station using your smartphone? Here is a smart alarm clock for you!

This device definitely costs a lot, but can you imagine a smart home system without a smart alarm clock?

Smart remote control

Smart remote control

It’s been awhile since I watched a movie that’s called ‘Click’. The main hero of this movie has a remote control which is able to manage any gadget.

Time passes, and now all of us can buy such a remote control! With such a device you can manage all you need: doors, garage gates, etc.

remote control in google trends

What’s more, this product cost $1-2, and due to this reason it’s extremely popular on the Internet!

Smart home security

cheap smart home devices

If you often have to leave your home, a smart home security system is exactly what you need! Due to lots of different sensors you will be immediately notified if somebody enters your apartment!

smart home security in trends

Such smart home security systems has gained the appreciation of the people from all over the world. And since there are lots of models which don’t cost a lot, it seems to be a perfect item for your online store!

Smart home smoke detector

Smart home smoke detector

We have already protected our houses against flooding, but what about a fire? Here comes a smart smoke detector which is going to notify you about a fire wherever you are!

wi-fi smoke detector in google trends

If we look at Google Trends, we will see that over the past 5 years such smart smoke detectors have been in a strong demand what makes them a perfect solution for your online store!

Smart weight scale

smart weight scale

Nowadays people tend to monitor their health properly. These smart weight scale will help you to control your weight, the rate of muscle and adipose tissues, etc. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

wi-fi smart scale in google trends

What’s more, according to Google Trends such weight scales are in demand online. So it’s a great addition to the product range of your online store!

Final thoughts: cheap smart home devices

Here is an ultimate list of best cheap smart home devices for your online store! So if you want to deal with hi-tech and most popular products on the Internet only, it’s perfect decision for you to start reselling Wi-Fi connected home automation gadgets and starter kits.

In fact, you will have an opportunity to make the lives of your customers a lot simpler and more interesting. Despite the fact that many of these devices are available in offline stores, you can sell them at relatively low prices since initially they don’t cost a lot.

So think of which products you consider the most promising for your online store, find reliable suppliers, create a strong brand, start an ad campaign, and enjoy the results!

And don’t forget to look at IT solutions which AliDropship provides you with to facilitate your dropshipping business journey!

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By Artyom K.
Artyom is a senior copywriter at AliDropship. Having received a BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising, he started his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. To date, for a number of years, Artyom has been sharing the latest ecommerce trends with you, creating guides on how to start an online business from scratch, and keeping you updated on new IT solutions that help you optimize your venture.
Austin Ikhile 3 years ago

Thanks a lot,your article is quite rich and revealing,I will certainly add the smart devices to my dropshipping shop..but my challenge is how to get a reliable supplier.

Artyom K. 3 years ago

Hello, thank you for the interest!
Feel free to use our free-of-charge database of trusted and time-tested suppliers only:

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