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50 Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2023

By Denis K.

50 Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2023

Are you looking for winning niche products for your online business? We’re happy to help!

And now, look at the list below: we’ve collected 50 hype product ideas from various niches. With such a wide range of options, you’ll definitely find unbeatable offers for your dropshipping store!

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What do we mean by niche products?

So…what niche products are, exactly?

Let’s start with the basics.

When you’re choosing what to sell in your dropshipping store, you have 2 broad options.

You can sell everything at once: in this case, you’ll have a so-called general store. For many reasons, it can be very challenging for you to run and promote this ecommerce business.

This is why entrepreneurs are more willing to make niche stores. All of the products in these stores are related to some specific idea (a hobby, an activity, a purpose, etc.) It gives the business owner lots of advantages:

  • Lower competition levels
  • Higher buyers’ engagement
  • Well-targeted marketing strategy

Surely, it results in a stronger brand and higher profits!

So, niche products are the items that fall into one narrow category and have something in common. They are demanded by a specific buyers’ audience, and it gives you the opportunity to target your marketing messages precisely.

Ready to look at the ideas we’ve prepared for you?

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Niche products to sell online in 2023: gadgets

We are blessed to live in an exciting era of digital innovations and outstanding developments.

There is no wonder that people all over the globe are gladly adopting the newest technologies that improve their daily lives!

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2023: gadgets google trends

So, it’s a great idea to run a dropshipping store dedicated to helpful, entertaining, and just fun gadgets that help us cope with basic everyday tasks easily and efficiently.

And if you want to make this business really successful, here are 2 ideas you need to keep in mind:

If there was a breakthrough innovation a year ago, most likely, it’s already becoming outdated these days. Scientists and researchers worldwide are constantly looking for more ways to make positive changes on this niche market.

It means that you need to monitor the industry closely, and make prompt updates into your online store offer.

  • Tech products can be a bit sophisticated

Do your buyers know what these products are and how to use them right? Will you need to educate your target market?

Most likely, your store visitors will want to learn more about these products before placing their orders. It means that you need to be aware about these products’ features very well, and invest your time into providing top quality customer service.

So, what are the awesome gadgets you can sell for profit in your ecommerce store in 2023? We’ve picked 5 cool items with catchy images, high ratings, and lots of orders!

  • Activity tracker

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: Fitness tracker

  • Wireless keyboard

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: Wireless keyboard

  • Touch control wireless headphones

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: Earphones

  • Noise cancelling headphones

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: Headphones

  • Portable speaker

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: Speaker

Commonly overlooked niche products: cozy home elements

Okay, frankly speaking, everyone has their own understanding of a cozy home. Someone wants it to be cute, adorable, and pastel-colored, while someone else dreams of reenacting a medieval castle in their apartment. Well, why not? 🙂

Still, whatever your preferred style of home decoration is, there’s one thing you surely want to achieve in any case. You want your home to be well-planned and conveniently adapted for all the elements of your daily routine. Whether you’re studying, cooking, or putting away the laundry, you don’t want anything to irritate or distract you. And the good news is, thousands of people all across the globe have the same opinion!

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2023: Laundry basket google trends

If you want to step aside from home decor, how about focusing on the products that create the best possible environment to support your clients throughout the day?

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  • Humidifier

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: Humidifier

  • Alarm clock

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: alarm clock

  • Vacuum storage bags

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: storage bags

  • Cupboard hangers

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: hangers

  • Laundry basket

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2022: Laundry basket

Niche product ideas for 2023: kitchen supplies

Speaking of home improvement, we most certainly can’t overlook kitchen tools and appliances!

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2023: kitchen supplies google trends

Cooking is one of the most time-consuming tasks we have to deal with on a daily basis. Obviously, we all want to cut down on the amount of time we spend on cooking itself and the related chores such as cleaning, washing, storing, etc.

Luckily, AliExpress sellers have enough catchy items to make everyone’s kitchen an absolutely lovely place and turn even the most boring cooking/cleaning duties into fun and relaxing activities.

  • Cup coasters


  • Unique bowls


  • Digital scale


  • Stove protectors


  • Portable blender machine


Hype niche products to sell online: eco-friendly items

Not only corporations, governments, and high profile scientists are responsible for making our world a better place to live in. In fact, our daily shopping activity heavily influences the environment and the common well-being in general.

Understanding that they can make the difference starting with their own households, people make their purchasing decisions more cautiously. The trend for recycling, waste reducing and items reusing is in full bloom.

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2023: eco-friendly goods

If you like and support the idea of living the eco-friendly life and want to work with a like-minded target audience, take a look at the business ideas below.

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  • Solar powered toys


  • Outdoor LED string lights


  • Eco-friendly water bottle


  • Reusable shopping bag


  • Beeswax cotton wrap


Great niche products to promote on social media: lifestyle items

Our hobbies, interests, and passions define the shopping decisions that we make. This is why, looking even for the most boring items solving really basic tasks, we’re commonly attracted by fancy, unusual, and unique offers.

 Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2023: lifestyle items google trends

Give your customers the chance to show their personality in style! Below, we will only show a tiny selection of frequently bought AliExpress items that fall into this category.

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  • iPhone case


  • Coffee cup


  • Key case


  • Hand warmer


  • Glasses case


Profitable niche to try in 2023: home office goods

Because of the recent events, everyone is struck with a worldwide problem. No one can tell for sure when things will go back to normal. While we wait for everything to return as it was, right now countless amounts of people are working from the comfort of their own home.

And like everyone else, they will be spending most of their time home. This group of potential online shoppers represents a profitable audience to target.

Spending hours working from home, your target audience still wants to have the chance to enjoy a smooth and well-organized working process – and, at the same time, make good use of something that reflects their individuality.

You can provide this by supplying them with handy and attractive stationery supplies that are a must-have for anyone working from home.

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2023: home office google trends

Quite conveniently, there are countless office products that efficiently solve both of these issues! Take a look at the examples below: each of them can become a lovely addition to your dropshipping store.

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  • Stationery case


  • Desk lamp


  • Computer stand


  • Waist cushion


  • Notepad


Evergreen niche products: home fitness equipment

Affordable home fitness is a massive industry you can greatly benefit from.

Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2023: fitness google trends

Think about offering low-cost yet high-rated sports equipment that everyone can easily afford.

This way, you’ll be targeting a huge segment of the people who prefer to work out in the comfort of their own homes.

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  • Resistance rubber band


  • Adjustable workout bar


  • Yoga mat


  • Pull rope


  • Home fitness set


Children-focused niche: educational toys

Children are the future and every loving parent wants their kids to grow up smart and successful. Every journey begins with a small step, and you can arrange this by providing the necessary items.

In this case, we are talking about educational toys. In fact, during this difficult time, when adults and children are stuck together in their homes, educational toys can be a great way to entertain kids and keep them busy while their parents do their work.


Of course, it requires you to be really picky about your products choice, and check the items’ quality and features twice.

  • Craft toys


  • Magnetic toys


  • Math toys


  • Puzzle toys


  •  Block toys


Timeless niche products: pet supplies

Pet owners want their furry friends to be safe, healthy, physically active, and entertained. Selling cats’ and dogs’ supplies, you’ll enter a highly promising niche market: we’ve covered its specifics in detail in our previous article.


And, judging by the number of AliExpress orders, dropshipping store owners can benefit from pet products greatly!

get store

  • LED collar


  • Pet bed


  • Cat toy


  • Water fountain


  • Waterproof mat


Niche products to generate impulse purchases: homewear

Do you want your store visitors to fall in love with your offers instantly? Consider the niche that triggers a strong emotional reaction!


Homewear items can be one of the best selling dropshipping products! We always want to feel comfortable at home and when we go out. This list of products can work for both situations! So, offering the right products can help your customers achieve this wonderful feeling.

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Let’s see what AliExpress sellers can offer us!

  • Hoodies and sweatshirts

men-hoody-min-768x473.png women-hoody-768x474.png

  • Shorts

men-shorts-min-768x473.png woman-shorts-768x464.png

  • Men and women’s robes


  • Home slippers


  • Computer glasses


That’s the end of our niche product selection! Feel free to use any of these ideas for your turnkey dropshipping store, and enjoy your ecommerce journey!

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.
Augustine Mwathi 5 years ago

I always read your articles. Very rich with quality information. Thank you I will try some of your recommended products.

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Olga L. 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!
Yes! Kindly read this article:

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I want to start my own drop shipping store very soon and I will like to use facebook as a tool to promote it.
My question now are

1. Do I need to create another facebook account or to connect it to my existing facebook page.
2. Am from Nigeria due to our reputation online under the team section should I indicate my bio as the CEO of the store .

Please any useful tip I will be grateful

saggat 4 years ago

create a new facebook page very important
you do not need to indicate your bio on your page since you are dropshipping.
use banners as your facebook page identity.
stop procrastination! just do it and ask questions later.

Anna C 4 years ago

This is great. I am inspired to sell reusable eco friendly products. I tried to run an ad about a reusable item that is eco friendly and good for the environment but my ad is not approved by Facebook for the reason that my page is not authorised to run ads related to politics or an issue of national importance, “environment” being the issue of national importance here. I have been advised by Facebook to authorise my page but to do that, I have to be USA citizen residing in USA, which I am not. So how do I go about this? Greatly appreciate your advise on this.

Olga L. 4 years ago

Thank you for your feedback!

Try writing directly to the Facebook support, and explain them your situation. Generally, they are quite helpful, and can advise you a way out.

Also, try creating new types of ads that don’t mention the words “environment” or “eco-friendly” – try “green”, “nature-friendly” or “sustainable” instead.

Ann 4 years ago

Fantastic news from Olga, you make things easier for us. I will join AliDropship business very soon.

Julius Mpundu 4 years ago

I have been trying to learn and do business on my own but the problem which I am facing is shipping,I have account with AliExpress which I am a Gold member now, therefore if you buy something it will take almost a two month to reach your through post and to some sellers if you follow up some on your parcel there response is very how can I do my drop ship business with my situation?

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!

Try picking the items that have ePacket delivery option: on average, it takes 7-15 days. You can learn more details here:

As an alternative, if ePacket is not available in your country, you can try targeting the clients who live abroad. You are not limited by location, so you are free to work with buyers from any place that has good delivery terms. You can read more about working on an international market here:

Wilson Chidi 4 years ago

Olga thanks for the content, I want to join AliDropship business but I want to know if I can run the business from Nigeria in West Africa because I’m based in Nigeria. Is it possible to run AliDropship from here? Thanks as I wait for your response

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!

Yes, you can run your business from any country, and you can target any foreign buyers with it if you want to. Please, read this article to learn more:

Jassica shaan 4 years ago

Your research is awesome and very helpful for all newbies. Can you please do same research for office furniture. Because i have a office and home furniture eCommerce store . I want shift it on drop shipping. Thanks

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your feedback!

The issue with furniture is that it’s a large and heavy product type that is not really good for international shipping.
Instead, you might choose the niche of office stationery and supplies. These items are lightweight, easy to ship, catchy, and closely related to your current business.

Justin 4 years ago

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Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!

Our manager will get in touch with you soon.

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Henry Tochukwu Akunuba 4 years ago

Nice work, i can’t wait to get started with my dropship site this 2020… pls can i also us blogspot to run it?

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thanks for your interest!

Blogspot won’t do, you will need a WordPress site for it

Goz 4 years ago

Easy way to find real niche. But the hardest part is how to marketing them to customer.

Fran 4 years ago

Who is going to wait 40 days for an A4 folder?

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your comment!

People in different countries across the globe have varying levels of access even to basic goods. Therefore, for some of them, online shopping is the only way to source the items that aren’t readily available in local brick-and-mortar stores.

Racky 4 years ago

Informative content.. Continue to guide us Olga! .

Elijah 4 years ago

Can I dropship from Nigeria since PayPal don’t accept Nigeria?

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!

There are many more payment gateways you can use apart from PayPal – please, view their full list here:

Uzma Khan 3 years ago

Hi,kindly inform me about crochet yarn n wool niche,.Is it popular in USA,Canada ?Besides their own popular brands like Red Heart,Lion Brand etc.

Olga L. 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!
As you understand, a niche research is a long and in-depth process with lots of factors taken into account. Our team will be happy to carry out an extensive niche analysis for you if you’d like:

Muhammad Waseem 3 years ago

Can we drop ship books from ali express. ?

Olga L. 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!
Of course, you can – please, read this article for more details:

Flora 3 years ago

I read about your Alidropship model and some information about niche market, package price, services, etc. I would like to explore more about Alidropship kind of business. I do not have any social exposure/activities like in the facebook, instagram, tweets, etc. I am not sure if this is possible for me to start a Alidropship business with promising future. If those are not a problems, just wonder what are the possible niche market for now and coming years?


Olga L. 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!
Kindly look through the articles and we expect these types of products to stay demanded in a long-term period.

Also, should you ever need any assistance with your store promotion on social media or elsewhere, you are welcome to request the necessary marketing help here:

Rebecca Polocki 3 years ago

i really want to have a drop shiooing Store…If i choose Basic package store ..which I afford …is it a good start to sell and earn ?

Olga L. 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!
Yes, this is a great choice! You are welcome to watch this video to learn more.

Mark 3 years ago

Can you help me to start up in the UK ?

Olga Lavrinovich 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!
Kindly look through the options here and choose what you like most – you can also ask for a free consultation on this page!

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