Terms of Use Free Turnkey Store

Sellvia LLC may offer new subscription plans and may change them and their features from time to time. If you sign up for a subscription plan, you agree to the terms, conditions and limitations associated with them that are published on sellvia.com.


Sellvia Pro Subscription with a Free Turnkey Store

Description of the service

Sellvia Pro subscription provides access to the Sellvia account where you can manage your subscription and monitor your orders and also provides you with a free turnkey store filled with a selection of products from the Sellvia Catalog. It also allows you to redirect your orders for the Sellvia products to the Sellvia US Fulfillment Center to ensure fast delivery to your US customers. The shipping of the Sellvia products is only done within the USA.

The free turnkey store is a WordPress site with the Sellvia platform plugin and free hosting service.

Sellvia platform plugin is an e-commerce plugin, this it cannot be used together with other ecommerce plugins (like Woocommerce, Alidropship, etc) or be substituted by such plugins in your free turnkey store.

The free hosting meets all the needs of the site but has limited management options. The tasks that require access to the hosting settings are done via third-party plugins or by contacting support@alidropship.com.

The store and its hosting are provided for free as part of the offer as long as you have the Sellvia subscription active on your site. You can only have one free turnkey store connected to the Sellvia Pro account.

The free turnkey store creation includes:

  • Free domain name (unless a premium domain is selected in the survey/ all the domains we offer are brand new and located in .shop/store zone.)
  • Free hosting
  • One branded email address (support@your.domain)
  • Theme customization
  • 50 free imported products
  • Reviews of the products
  • Mailing service setup
  • Basic SEO meta data

The free turnkey store creation does not include:

  • Payment gateways setup
  • Traffic report setup
  • Social pages creation
  • Social media advertising setup

These tasks can be set up by the customer with the support guidance. Social pages creation can be ordered as a paid service.

Fee: $39 per month

Free Trial: 14 days (since the store access details are provided)

Personal Managers

Sellvia Pro subscribers are entitled to the assistance of a personal manager who is assigned to them after they receive their free turnkey store. The personal managers provide general guidance, help with the integration of the payment gateways, facilitate the store management by providing an onboarding tour of the store at the customer’s request, and consult on ways to promote the store. The customer can also contact support at support@alidropship.com with any questions about the site and its work, and Sellvia features.

Changes in the store

The niche of the free turnkey store, its theme and domain can be chosen in a short survey that you complete after signing up. Once a store has been built and its access details sent to you, the store cannot be re-made with a different niche or theme. However, you can make the changes to your store theme, customization, settings, niche and choice of products to your liking on your own.

Signing up

In order to subscribe you need to provide your email and credit card details on the checkout page.

By providing these details and signing up, you agree to the present terms, confirm that you are aware that the Sellvia subscription is a recurrent payment that will continue automatically and authorize Sellvia monthly subscription fee to be collected after the end of the trial from the card that you provided when signing up unless you notify us before the charge is made that you would like to cancel the subscription or unless you cancel your subscription yourself in your Sellvia account.


The free trial starts on the day when the store access details are granted to the subscriber during the free training session with the Sellvia consulting team. The store is built immediately after we get the survey with your preferences indicated. Please note that if you prefer to use your own domain, the process will take 1-2 business days after you point your domain to our servers and notify your personal manager about it. If you have any questions concerning your access details or booking your free training session with our consultant, please contact support@alidropship.com.

Renewal of the Subscription

After the end of the free trial period, the subscription monthly payment is charged automatically without additional notification or authorization from the card that you provided when subscribing. The subscriber takes the responsibility to have sufficient funds on the card necessary to renew the subscription by the payment due date.


You can cancel your Sellvia Pro subscription plan at any time. Cancellation means that your subscription stays active till the end of the paid period but will not be renewed after it is over. Cancelling during the trial will cancel your Sellvia account immediately. To cancel the Sellvia subscription, you can either click the “Cancel” link in your acc.sellvia.com account in the ‘Stores’ section or contact Sellvia customer support at support@alidropship.com with the cancellation request. If you cancel the subscription through Sellvia customer support, please make sure you have received the confirmation of the cancellation from a Sellvia support representative.

Since the Free Turnkey Store is part of the subscription, it is also canceled when you cancel the Sellvia Pro subscription.


Sellvia provides a full 100% refund of the Sellvia subscription payment within 30 days of the date of the payment. The monthly subscription fee of the subscription used for longer than 30 days is not refunded.

The services ordered when subscribing to the Free Turnkey store and provided to you are non-refundable.

Termination of Service

In case the subscription has not been paid on a due date, it becomes inactive immediately. After 80 days, Sellvia deactivates its free hosting and deletes the Free Turnkey Store that is part of Sellvia Pro. The deleted Free Turnkey Store cannot be recovered.