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How To Start An Ecommerce Store: The Secret To Initial Success [Success Story]

By Yaroslav Nevsky

article cover how to start an ecommerce store (Bilal's story)

Are you harboring dreams of to start an ecommerce store but are unsure how to make it a roaring success right off the bat? Or perhaps you’re contemplating how to guarantee that your first wave of customers doesn’t just make a one-time purchase, but returns for more.

Today, we have a unique opportunity to delve into these concerns with a special guest who has walked this path and emerged victoriously.

Hello! Could you kindly introduce yourself?

Hello there! My name is Bilal Basir, I’m 43 years old, hailing from the bustling city of London, UK. Although I have an MBA in marketing, my primary profession is as a real estate agent.

Given the demanding nature of your primary profession, how did you get intrigued about starting an ecommerce store?

The year 2020 brought about an unprecedented lockdown, effectively bringing my real estate business to a standstill. During this period, I found myself drawn towards the dynamic world of ecommerce, and dropshipping caught my interest.

However, my initial attempt wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped.

Oh, why was that?

The significant shipping time, ranging from 28 to 30 days, proved to be a major roadblock. The main issue stemmed from the fact that the products were shipped from China, while the majority of my customer base resided in the US.

Additionally, my store didn’t specialize in any particular category and sold an array of products. This led to hefty marketing costs and slim profits.

So, that propelled you to seek a more efficient method to start an ecommerce store?

how to start an ecommerce store beginning of a journey

Absolutely. My journey led me to AliDropship in February 2022.

What immediately caught my attention was the ability to boost my business from the start with Sellvia! The swift 1-3 days delivery within the US made that much of a difference.

This was a game-changing opportunity for me to compete with the ecommerce behemoths in terms of pricing and delivery time.

So, what happened next?

I started with an Established store offered by AliDropship.

It provided me with access to performance data and running advertisements. Soon, a marketing specialist was assigned to my business, marking the beginning of a thrilling journey. Today, the results are incredibly encouraging, thanks to AliDropship!

get store

That’s intriguing! Could you delve into the numbers a bit?

I’ve been running the store for two months now. I bagged my first sale of £58 on the very first day of placing the advertisements. This early success was a clear indicator that I was on the right track.

Following the advice from the AliDropship marketing specialist, I was able to achieve sales of $2,179 per week by the second month of operation.


This might not sound like much, but considering it’s a running Established store, it’s easily achievable.


In May, the first week alone brought in $2,600.


My aim is to hit the $10K mark this month, and subsequently, set new goals for the following month.

Sounds fantastic! Could you share what products you’re selling?

I’m quite passionate about cars, so naturally, I chose the Car Accessories niche. What I love about this category is the absence of brand loyalty, which offers a unique opportunity to create and establish my own brand.

The focus on a specific category also facilitates effective retargeting and upselling, leading to a loyal customer base. Regular emails to customers with different offerings have proven to be a fruitful strategy.

That’s interesting! How do you promote your store?

Marketing has always intrigued me, and I spend a considerable amount of time learning about it through videos. With the swift 1-3 days delivery, the success of my store largely depended on my marketing efforts. Each week, each month, I keep enhancing my marketing budget and reaching new milestones.

Moreover, I’ve received substantial guidance from AliDropship on how to advertise, promote the store on social media, and effectively work with Facebook ads. I’ve also availed the email marketing service from AliDropship, which has been immensely helpful.

Additionally, the Purchase Upsell feature is fantastic for increasing the average order value, which is crucial for reducing marketing costs and increasing profits.

To wrap things up, how has starting an ecommerce store with AliDropship impacted your life?

Venturing into dropshipping with AliDropship has been my second attempt, and it has undeniably garnered most of my attention.

Given that the store generated $2,600 per week in just the second month, it absolutely deserves full-time attention. Unlike traditional businesses that reach breakeven in the third year, with AliDropship, it’s possible to hit breakeven in the first month and become profitable by the second month. The numbers start pouring in from the get-go, which is an exhilarating experience.

I’m eagerly looking forward to what the third month has in store for me!

The inspiring journey of Bilal unearths the secret to start an ecommerce store and achieving success right from the start. The most fascinating part is that you can follow his footsteps! All you need to do is have a free consultation with our business advisor and explore your prospects. Sounds like an opportunity that’s too promising to miss, doesn’t it?

By Yaroslav Nevsky
Yaroslav is a founder of AliDropship Community helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business.

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