AliDropship Plugin Setup

US $99
2-3 business days
  • Email notifications setup
  • Homepage search engine optimization
  • Currency converter setup
  • Pricing formula setup
  • Business-branded email
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Payment gateway integration
* Please leave your email on the checkout page. Our team will contact you to discuss the details within one business day after a successful payment.
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About this service

Are you ready to start your dropshipping journey? What about a little help from our team?

Our experts will launch the AliDropship plugin ASAP to polish your online store and get it ready to bring profits!

What amazing benefits will you get from this service?

  • You start your business instantly without any hassle
  • You earn more money with your dropshipping store
  • You save time on manual setup of the plugin
  • You don’t need to have specific skills or knowledge – we will do everything for you

Any dropshipping entrepreneur can face difficulties during the plugin setup process. That’s why we are here to assist you and provide you with the best quality service.

What exactly will we do for you?

  • Email notifications setup. You will get notifications right in your inbox from the ‘Contact Us’ form placed on your site. Plus, you can send your customers email notifications about their orders and shipping status.
  • Homepage search engine optimization. We will add the necessary metadata (page title and description) on the homepage of your store to make it visible on search engines.
  • Currency converter setup. If your business targets multiple countries, your store visitors will be able to see the product prices in their national currencies.
  • Pricing formula setup. We will set your store with the price markup formula that has been successful for our highest-earning stores.
  • Business-branded email. You will get your own branded email (like with a professional and convenient control panel.
  • Google Analytics integration. With the Google Analytics tool integrated into your store, you will always be informed about your traffic sources, visitors’ behavior, conversions, and more.
  • Payment gateway integration. We’ll connect the necessary payment gateways to your site to give your clients an opportunity to buy here and now.

Attention: You will need to be registered and approved as a client of a payment processing company such as PayPal, Stripe, or 2Checkout in order for us to implement the payment gateway integration.
Please note: this service doesn’t include the AliDropship plugin itself.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask at

What happens after I order this service?
One of our specialists contacts you to discuss details.
How quickly will my ordered service be fulfilled?
The turnaround for this service is generally 2 to 3 business days.
How will you deliver this service?
We will need access to your site’s control panel with the AliDropship plugin installed, payment system account, and Gmail account. Once we have this log-in information from you, our experts will set up the AliDropship plugin according to your preferences.
Why don’t I see any changes after the service has been completed?
Don’t worry; all the changes are within the plugin and are technical in nature. You can see the new features when you go to the admin area of your website.
Is the price of the AliDropship plugin included in this service?
No, this price is only for the service. You need to buy the AliDropship plugin separately here.
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45 reviews 5

4.0 rating
May 19, 2023
its helpful business...
By George ubisch, Tanzania
5.0 rating
Sep 10, 2021
Just added the plugin and its easy to use, but I needed help with the setup. The service team is on point any issue I had they took care of it right away. I also started using their other plugins as well
By Rachel, Seattle
5.0 rating
Jul 6, 2021
Best plugin ever ! Couldn't ask for anything more !
By Hannah, Italy
5.0 rating
May 14, 2021
First class service! Helpful support waited for man at the first thing I got stuck. But they helped very quickly and understandably. I am grateful for this, guys. I recommend it to everyone who would take action!
By Rafi, Indonesia
5.0 rating
Apr 19, 2021
Great, easy to use plugin, with a lot of nice features. The best thing though - amazing and super quick service team. Thank you, guys!
By CélineA, Zug
5.0 rating
Mar 25, 2021
Great support received from the team whenever I have got some questions, no matter how big or small. Every team member is so active and friendly, and always keep you updated. The service saves me lots of time! Really feel in love with these guys!
By Edward, San Diego
5.0 rating
Jan 2, 2021
Don't have any idea what people like me would do without this service, lol. That's amazing that professionals can help you with some basics when you a newbie.
By Elen, Bosnia and Herzegovina
5.0 rating
Aug 28, 2020
The service is very helpful! I am happy to work with you!
By Rita, Norway
5.0 rating
Aug 18, 2020
I really enjoy working with the team. They are polite and explain every unclear point to me. I am really grateful for your help! The service was done incredibly fast. I got my ready-to-use plugin in 2 business days after the order.
By Gabriela, Italy
5.0 rating
Jul 4, 2020
I am about to start my dropshipping business! Thank that you make this start easier! The service was done brilliantly, with no complaints.
By Jennifer, Canada
5.0 rating
Mar 24, 2020
I got this service a year ago, in fact. But I decided to write the feedback only today because only now I realized how helpful this service was. Several weeks ago I started setting my new store (and this time I decided to do it on my own). What a hellish work! Despite the fact I have been managing a store successfully for a year, the setup process of a new one turned out to be uneasy for me. Of course, finally, I read the Knowledge base and managed to do it. But with the help of the team, it was much easier! So if you have an opportunity to get the service, don't hesitate - get it
By Nikky, Latvia
5.0 rating
Feb 17, 2020
A hassle-free solution for lazy people like me, hahahaha :) I just didn't want to set it up, read all these articles (and I don't have enough money for ordering a custom store). So this service is good for me
By LPM, Earth
5.0 rating
Jan 31, 2020
Good tech work. Don't know what else to say. Guys know their work and do it fast and on a high level. If you select the AliDropship plugin as a platform for your future business, you absolutely need to order this service to ger right settings. Recommend!
By Sophie, France
5.0 rating
Jan 5, 2020
I'm really glad I purchased this service! I wasn't concerned about anything and got a ready-to-use plugin. Just a dream!
By Mila, Texas
5.0 rating
Dec 17, 2019
I am so happy that you provide such a service! I am completely sure that couldn't do it by myself. All these settings are too complicated for me.
By Paloma, Latvia
5.0 rating
Nov 19, 2019
I wanted to be confident that all the necessary settings would be done. The best way to do it was to order the service. The seasoned AliDropship team has an old hand in their plugin setup, I guess. I am completely satisfied with the results, thanks!
By Boyan, Tunisia
5.0 rating
Oct 31, 2019
AliDropship plugin is set up now! I am so excited! Thank you a lot!
By Kailani, US, Hawaii
5.0 rating
Oct 22, 2019
the team did the whole setup process in a day! I guess I would spend weeks on such a task!
By Foziah, Estonia
5.0 rating
Oct 7, 2019
thank you! you are very pleasant polite and professional team.
By Gwen, USA
5.0 rating
Sep 27, 2019
Nice service! My order was done very fast, I guess they could do it even faster if I had answered on a time
By Patrick, Ireland
5.0 rating
Sep 20, 2019
When you don't know anything about websites cpanels, coding and etc., you absolutely need to order this service! With the help of the team I got my future store with the AliDropship plugin installed and set up
By Liam, UK
5.0 rating
Sep 7, 2019
That's great! All the complicated settings done and I can go further and build my store. Exciting! Thanks!
By Herbert, Germay
5.0 rating
Aug 27, 2019
I am about to begin my dropshipping journey! So excited! Your team works awesome
By Zana, Iran
5.0 rating
Aug 19, 2019
Thanks. Good that you have this service for lazy people, ha-ha
By Paloma, B.
5.0 rating
Aug 9, 2019
I am so excited! The team provided me with great service.
By Esma, Turkey
5.0 rating
Jul 21, 2019
Many thanks to the team! I can’t believe that my dropshipping journey has just started! Hope it will be successful!
5.0 rating
Jul 19, 2019
Excellent! I got the plugin with all the necessary settings and can finally start moving along and earning money.
By E55, Earth
5.0 rating
Jun 30, 2019
This is my third store and all of them were installed by the team. I haven’t had problems with specialists, they do everything perfectly.
By José, Brazil
5.0 rating
Jun 19, 2019
I am delighted by the team! The service was done so fast! Good to work with you!
By Bara, Czech Republic
5.0 rating
Jun 14, 2019
Just love your team!
By Elis, Spain
4.5 rating
Jun 1, 2019
By Milene, Spain
5.0 rating
May 30, 2019
I didn't want to get a custom store because wanted to build my business on my own. But tech aspects are not my good side. So, this service is what I needed.
By Victoria, Sweden
5.0 rating
May 21, 2019
Got the second plugin and this time decided not to install it on my own. I have known that the team is professional and they proved it one more time.
By Helen, US
5.0 rating
Apr 4, 2019
I was so excited when I bought Alidropship. Of course, I could not even imagine how much work I would have to do. Well, I was so happy when their support team offered me this service. I didn't worry about anything and got a ready-to-use plugin! Fantastic!
By Lucy, Great Britain
5.0 rating
Feb 3, 2019
The team was very supportive with immediate results and you can be stressed free about issues with regarding your site as they have most of solutions that can get the business running well
By Amelia, Australia
4.5 rating
Feb 3, 2019
The plugin works well! I am so excited about my future opportunities! Just wow!
By Daan, Finland
5.0 rating
Jan 29, 2019
They took into account all my needs and wishes. The plugin works well. Recommend :)
By Nessan, Ireland
5.0 rating
Jan 19, 2019
By Noah, USA
5.0 rating
Dec 17, 2018
Well done!
By Carmen, Latvia
5.0 rating
Dec 9, 2018
Many thanks for a lovely plugin and service. I got the final result in a week, but this is my fault - I couldn't give all the necessary information to the specialist, I was too busy.
By Brigitte, France
5.0 rating
Oct 29, 2018
Thanks a lot for your service.. I hope you have a great time ahead... Thanks for all your help..
By Kenneth Richard, USA
5.0 rating
Sep 30, 2018
I didn't want to get into all the details of plugin setup, I am good at promotion not in the tech side of website managing. So, in several days I got an installed plugin, Without hassle and time wasting. What can be better?
By Guilherme, Portugal
5.0 rating
Sep 26, 2018
This is a great service!
By Chloe, Canada
5.0 rating
Aug 31, 2018
I would like to start dropshipping business the second I bought the plugin. But if I decided to set up the plugin myself, I would not have any store yet :) The team set up all that I needed to start working right away. Happy to be your customer, Alidropship!
By Ethan, USA
5.0 rating
Aug 22, 2018
The AliDropship team are great professionals! Thanks for your work and the service you provided for me.
By Gaspare, Italy
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