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Executive Summary is a thriving online store specializing in outdoor equipment for everyone. With a annual organic revenue of $5,280 and an impressive average order value of $125, this established business has achieved consistent profitability without the need for paid advertising. The outdoor equipment niche presents an exceptional opportunity for investment, as it caters to the growing demand for outdoor activities and adventure enthusiasts. offers a wide range of high-quality products, providing customers with the essential gear they need for their outdoor adventures. As potential buyers, investing in this store offers a compelling proposition, with proven profitability, potential for further growth, and the ability to tap into a passionate and dedicated customer base. Embrace the best investment opportunity today with and unlock the immense potential of the outdoor equipment market.

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About this store

  • This is a fully-automated business,

with management activities taking not more than a few hours a week

  • 1-3 business days shipping across the US

with Sellvia™ subscription

  • You can run this store from anywhere in the world

all you need is a stable Internet connection

  • The business has a strong potential of growing worldwide,

just add more promotion channels

  • The store’s catalog includes 102 winning items

with real customer reviews and product photos included

  • The store’s operation requires no special skills,

its dashboard is easy to manage even with zero experience

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• Established and Consistent Organic Traffic: attracts a substantial number of visitors through organic traffic due to our efficient link building, influencer shoutouts, and other effective marketing practices. This means less spend on advertising for continued growth.

• Profitable Niche: Dive into the lucrative Outdoor Equipment market, experiencing stable growth annually.

• High-Quality Products: We exclusively stock high-quality, branded products which have resulted in a high customer satisfaction rate and recurring sales.

• Steady Revenue Stream: This business has demonstrated consistent profitability. generates a steady stream of income, providing you with a reliable business investment.

• Scalable Business Model: The business model has immense scaling potential, both domestically and internationally, through enhanced marketing strategies and expansion into new product lines.

• Reliable US-based Supplier: Enjoy hassle-free operations with Sellvia as your dropshipping supplier delivering your orders across the United States within 1-3 business days. An incomparable advantage!


How the store attracts customers has an established reputation in the thriving Outdoor Equipment industry, attracting customers organically with its strong SEO practices and engaging content. Our in-demand product range, combined with a user-friendly website design, creates a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.

The brand is built on trust and quality, drawing in new customers through high-ranking search engine results. All these aspects work together to maintain a consistent and growing flow of organic traffic, making a magnet for customers in the Outdoor Equipment market.


Sale includes:

– Profitable dropshipping store with a $5,280 annual sales

Professionally crafted, high-converting marketing materials for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube

– Access to Proven Marketing Strategies: we will share our strategic insights, successful promotional campaigns to help you hit the ground running

– Turnkey Amazon business as a BONUS

– Lifelong post-sale support & training from your personal manager!

– Premium domain name and website with a professional responsive design

– Professional Search engine optimization of all webstore pages

– Professionally edited 102 products with detailed descriptions and customer reviews

– Exclusive Access to US-based Supplier: with Sellvia, your reliable supplier, you can ensure 1-3 business days shipping across the US

– Abandoned cart add-on that recovers lost sales by reminding your customers what they have added to their shopping carts and motivating them to finish their purchase

– SEO-optimized blog that acts as a magnet for potential customers and turns them into loyal customers


Can I boost profits from this business?
Sure! You can make the store performance even higher and grow the number of orders if you focus on new promotion strategies. Properly set advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google can definitely increase the number of your store visitors and sales. You can also use free traffic sources such as continuous SEO optimization, regular blog articles (including reviews on your best selling items), social media marketing and etc. Adding more products to the website and publishing frequent posts on social media could also help a lot.
If I buy this store, how soon will you transfer it to me?
It will take just one business day. After you place your order you’ll instantly get a document with all the access details. And then your personal manager will help you transfer the domain name, social media accounts, etc.
What is required to keep the business operating?
All management activities for this store’s operation are automated at maximum, so you’ll need to dedicate just a few minutes a day to your store promotion and order procession.
Do I need any special skills to manage this store?
No, you don’t. All the store elements (including promotional campaigns) have already been set up by experienced developers and digital marketers. You can run your dropshipping business even with zero experience. You will get all the necessary instructions and also a personal manager who will take care of everything.
I know nothing about dropshipping. Will you help me?
Of course! You'll get a complete management guide and help of your personal manager with your first steps.
I want to learn more about this store, how do I get the details?
Click the “Contact Us” button and our support team will give you all the necessary details.
Interested in full ownership of ?
4 interest-free payments of:
Biweekly payments
US $1,350
US $39.00/mo free for 30 days

Please note that this Established business only works with the Sellvia™ subscription. 

What exactly you will get:

  • 1-3 days US shipping & returns
  • Unlimited product imports
  • Unlimited orders from Sellvia
  • High-converting product pages
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